On a recent trip to Omaha, NE, I decided to drop in on the Safari Cigars & Lounge: a place I read about in your March/April 2015 issue. The piece by Rick Rhay is a very nice piece about Jeff Doll, a man with a dream and the drive to make it happen. I am writing to relate my experience.

I travel a good deal of the time in my consulting business, and visit cigar places (of whatever kind) in every city. Consequently, I have been in and smoked (where allowed) a stic or two in about 350 different locations.

Which brings me to the Safari Cigars and Lounge in Omaha.

After reading the piece in your issue, I was looking forward to an excellent experience. The photos of the lounge, the shots of the humidor, the bar’s back wall: it all gave the impression of a top-drawer location promising serious enjoyment. It was not difficult to find the location, which seems well-placed to be convenient to almost everywhere in the area. It was only once I was inside that I found the article had greatl

I cannot bypass mentioning the people there. I had the pleasure of meeting Jeff Doll (owner) on both my visits. He was most cordial and welcoming; and though I would not claim to know him well, I found him a warm and ingratiating host – a true gentleman. His Manager, John VanMeeteren, reflected the same style, as did the rest of the staff. Nothing makes a good place better, or an already great place outstanding than superb staff. The staff at Safari are every bit as excellent as the location and the cigar selection are; making for the best cigar experience I have had so far this year, and easily in the top 10 of mine overall covering the last 20 years of cigar smoking. My sincere thanks to Jeff and his crew – incomparable!

I cannot say more without getting needlessly redundant. I very highly recommend Safari Cigars & Lounge to every cigar lover, no matter how particular they might be. And thanks to Cigar & Spirits for the article – without it, it might have taken longer for me to find Safari.

Ross A. Leo